There aren’t any dotted lines to Greenland?

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I’m headed to Iceland tomorrow, via Boston, where I’ll meet up with one of my closest—and certainly shortest—friends, Y. And off we’ll go to Reykjavik (my spellchecker has just implicitly informed me that I’ve spelt that correctly), drastically unprepared; we’ve decided our knapsack size should be no bigger than the doesn’t-look-out-of-place-at-middle-school size. (Roughly a medium. For me, that is: Y.’s stature messes up universal sizing.) Whether to bring a towel or not has become a point of contention. (I realize we should, especially since we’re couchsurfing, but… I just don’t wanna.) We’ve even decided—and I think this is a stroke of genius—to each bring a book that the other will enjoy + hasn’t read, meaning we’ve effectively doubled our reading material without the accompanying weight.

Okay, so why Iceland? Because it’s the perfect place to begin my tour of Countries Which Are Deceptively Important in Risk. (The whole Siam-Thailand thing is a very sore point indeed.)

Aaaand, on a slightly nerdier note: The financial collapse and fallout of this country has been well documented (for the definitive piece on this entire fracas, see Michael Lewis’s awesome Vanity Fair article, “Wall Street on the Tundra“). And for whatever reason, I’ve become obsessed with this, as in, What The Fuck Happened Here?

But I’ve heard precious little about the cultural fallout, how it’s affected the national psyche, what all this financial disaster actually means. (Aside, of course, from the economic difficulties inflicted on the Icelandic folk, which will piss off even the most good-natured Nordic.)

So that’s my (secret) investigative mission for this trip. That, and this Hidden People thing. (Y. has expressed concern that he might be mistaken for a Hidden Person, who are, according to legend (and, apparently, an embarrassing percentage of Icelanders) very tiny indeed. It’ll never happen; he’s way too hairy.)

UPDATE: I’ve just been informed that Y., despite difficulty reaching the keyboard, has begun his own blog. There’s no content as of yet; but make no mistake, it’s on. The blogauntlet has been thrown.

Written by menachemkaiser

16 August at 18:07

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  1. Hey Bro,
    Never knew about this, but those are the benefits of sharing close quarters with dear family members for an extended period of time — someone is bound to leave something interesting open on the computer!
    Have an incredible, amazing time. We can’t wait to hear all about the trip.
    And just because I can’t resist: while I’m certainly impressed you spelled Reykjavik correctly, next time double-check your spellchecker on words like “spelt” vs. “spelled!”
    Bon voyage! Nesi’ah tovah!


    16 August at 18:18

    • a. I’m half-British, so I spell accordingly.
      b. Even to boorish Americans, ‘spelt’ is a perfectly acceptable past participle of ‘spell.’
      c. Please, no transliteration on the site.


      16 August at 18:55

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