couchsurfing in KEF, update

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This morning, after getting thrown out of the bus station – albeit without the slightest bit of malice; you´d think it was a routine chore for the security guards – we wandered off, ate breakfast, and headed back to Sabrina´s. Knocked, rung the doorbell: nothing. So we let ourselves in (again).

I won´t bore you with details, but we finally, like a mensch, met our hostess and some of the other guests. And here´s my present brain-itch: Why is Sabrina doing this, i.e., letting her house be overrun with nice but nonetheless imposing strangers? She lives in an astonishing mess; her house is reminiscent of Jeremy´s room in the Zits comic strip. There are  two kids, whose father lives elsewhere. And she doesn´t seem to be very interested in our lives or stories or even us.  The rooms upstairs she rents out for about $25/night, and that´s understandable. But her living room, which is directly attached to her kitchen, and is separated from her room – which she shares with the kids — by a flimsy and oft-open door, is a perpetual hostel. I don´t get it.* At all. But we think we´re confirmed for the L couch in the corner, while a friendly Italian couple gets the futon. Y.: “If they start having sex, we´re making sex noises. I don´t care.”

*Many don´t get even the basic concept and mechanics – not to mention the address of safety concerns –  of couchsurfing. But it is, for the most part, rational and really fun. I´ll fully explain/defend in a subsequent post, when I´ve had more sleep, when my afternoon nap wasn´t interrupted by a Icelandic kid chain-sucking lollipops waiting to watch some program featuring a parrot named Maggie.

PACKING LIST UPDATE: It´s icy-testicle cold. I´ve buckled and bought a hat.

Written by menachemkaiser

18 August at 14:55

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