iceland, you’ll forever have a place in my heart (and bank account)

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That’s it for Iceland. I’m home now, and the remainder of my summer (life?) is effectively sentenced to staring at rectangular screens. May God have mercy on my eyes/soul.

The trip home: uneventful. I was able to distinguish — with nearly 80% success — who from my flight spent time in Iceland, and who was just stopping over. And it wasn’t the souvenirs or lame shirts — it was whether or not I recognized them. Two people don’t spend any considerable time in Reykjavik without at least seeing each other.

It’s nice seeing ethnic diversity again, and even nicer not to have the water smell like egg fart. (Though the NY tap-water taste will take some adjusting to.) It seems I wasn’t missed a tremendous amount: three texts, two voice mail. The texts: a friend informing me that a very mysterious neighborhood building is actually — bummer alert — a garbage disposal; Orbitz wanted to let me know that my KEF-JFK flight is on time; and a friend had a baby boy. Voicemail: one friend, just seeing what’s up (I’m not as popular as this blog might have led you to believe); and Citibank, informing me of potential cc farud. I called the bank, and together with this disembodied voice that I now have a painful crush on, we went over last week’s charges. No fraud, it turns out; just Iceland mayhem. It was fun, her struggling to pronounce the location, me stuggling to remember where all that money went. It was like a quick n’ dirty recap.

It was, if these posts didn’t make it clear, glorious. I’m not sure if it was as much the strange Nordic adventures as it was getting off my rumpus and shaking things up a bit. Not life-changing, or mind-altering. Just geothermal goodness.

Some select pics to come, along with some further closing thoughts. And then, if I manage to keep this up, more (albeit smaller) adventures.

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25 August at 11:29

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