to eggers, wallace: ef you

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A moment: you’re in the window seat on a plane, or some other vantage point that presents some absurdly beautiful yet banal scene, and you just don’t care about the view or its sublime colors and sights, can’t even bother to try and care about this potentially spiritual moment for the silly yet totally understandable reason that you’ve seen it before a million times, will see it again a million times, but even so, even during your ‘whatever’ and ho-hum reaction to the vastness/beauty before you, you know that you should care, should be moved, maybe even to tears, or at least let yourself be awed, even if just a little, and then, because you’re honest (to yourself, at least) about your lack of said awe (or even, if you’re being really, brutally honest, about the dawning understanding of your inability to experience true awe), you experience pangs of guilt, or at least pangs of something resembling guilt, experience a desperate lack of what you believe is an essential part of humanity, which only causes you to try, really try, and eke out some awe and inspiration, which of course does nothing but accentuate your inability to actually achieve it, and thus the cycle gets vicious.

This is what I get for reading this and this before I fly.

Written by menachemkaiser

27 August at 23:54

Posted in rants

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  1. Timtum Halev, thats what u get for wallowing in muck and pontificating all day long


    31 August at 02:36

    • wow. you sure don’t sound like a shaygetz…


      31 August at 12:35

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