a farewell to pages. i never even knew ya.

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I’m in(/stuck) in Toronto for the week, which has its perks, like an abundance of politeness and less hipsters. But today, I faced a dilemma: I needed two specific, academic-ish books. Urgently. In ny, this presents a problem on the scale of, I don’t know, finding juice. But here, not so simple. Indigo, our version of Barnes & Noble, had one of the books, but not the other, not in the entire province. I considered borrowing a friend’s university library card, and camping out there. But oh, what a drag. So I go googlin’, where I found Pages, the bestest bookstore in this city. And they had the book I needed. This place is phenomenal, hip but not overly so, well-stocked and friendly. But alas, they’re closing tonight. The literary apocalypse continues.

Written by menachemkaiser

31 August at 13:03

Posted in rants

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