an open letter to tropicana

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To whom it may concern,

I have enjoyed your products for what must be twenty years, and have always been satisfied. Few products match the consistent quality of Tropicana orange juice; it’s a mainstay of my home, and my parent’s home, and all my siblings’ homes. Nearly every morning is begun with a rousing cup of orange juice (though often cut with seltzer), which never fails to relieve that morning-ickiness. I love the ritual; shake and pour and gulp.

But now I have a bone to pick with you guys. You’ve redesigned your bottle as, and I quote, “NEW! EASY TO POUR.” Apparently, you believe the good ol’ twist top was too difficult for your consumers. Now, it’s just a measly snap top. Hello?! This is orange juice: you are supposed to “shake well for best taste.” (Your words, not mine.) Not only does the snap not always snap shut properly, even when it IS snapped shut, an enthusiastic shaker like myself will unintentionally and often pop that bottle open. And then: orange juice everywhere. Great puddles of sticky o.j., a torrent of 100% Pure & Natural, waves of orange goodness. The bulk of my weekend was spent wiping up orange juice off countertops, stoves, drawers, cutlery, floors, even ceilings.

Please fix this. America can handle the twist top.

Menachem Kaiser

This letter was sent to Tropicana via their website. Please, for the love of clean counters everywhere, end this travesty. Contact Tropicana today.

Written by menachemkaiser

31 August at 00:21

Posted in rants

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