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Late last night, I sent Tropicana a message, complaining about their new snap-top design. Margie, a rep, responded today:


It’s great to know you’re a loyal Tropicana Orange Juice fan for 20 years. I’m glad that Tropicana is there to greet you each and every morning; what a wonderful way to start the day!

That said, I’m so sorry to learn about your experience with our new 89oz Orange Juice container. For your disappointment, I’ve mailed you replacement coupons that can be used on any Tropicana products of your choice; your coupons should arrive in about a week.

I’d like to share with you that our new fresh snap cap was designed to be closed by pushing down in the center of the cap like a Tupperware lid. When you push in the center, you should hear a “snap”, meaning the cap is on tight. I’m sorry if your cap did not work the way we intended and I understand how upsetting it must have been for you when your juice spilled out all over your kitchen. I can just imagine the mess and how inconvenient that must have been.

Please understand that our decision to improve our bottle was not recent. Based upon feedback from families where children pour their own juice, we began working on this new package concept more than two years ago. The idea was to have an innovative cap that easily and securely sealed just by pressing on it, and one that easily poured without “glugging”, the primary reason for spilling.

Although you may not agree with our decisions, we hope you can appreciate that they were made in the best interest of our consumers. Please be assured that feedback from consumers, such as yourself, does influence decisions, and your comments and experience have been shared with our marketing team for review.

We value your business, Menachem, and your loyalty to Tropicana. I hope you’ll continue to select and enjoy our juice for many more years to come. After all, we know you have a choice of brands and always appreciate you choosing ours.

Tropicana Consumer Relations

Truth is, I don’t even care anymore about the snap-top; I’m just overjoyed to learn that ‘glugging’ is a term that Tropicana uses.

Written by menachemkaiser

31 August at 17:15

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