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My sister emailed me: “The following poem is based not-so loosely on my 4 1/2 hour drive with Shlomo.” Shlomo, fyi, is her 4 year old son.

Are we there yet?  I’m thirsty.
What is there to eat?
Can a car pull an airplane?
Do mosquitoes have feet?
How can I make 91
On my fingers?
What song is that playing
And who are the singers?
I hear some piano, is that a guitar?
I think it’d be great to put
Wings on this car.
How did the workermen
Build a new road?
How did they get there?
Where did they unload?
Can you move this? Or hold this?
Or scratch where it itches?
Are there really such things as
Monsters and witches?
Can you teach me to snap?
Well, what does half-way mean?

How do the rainclouds know
When to start raining?
Was I born at your wedding?
How old must I be
Until I can get married?
Who will my wife be?
What color’s a seahorse?
Why do animals have tails?
Can a bad-guy escape
If he’s locked up in jail?
I want four new babies.
I promise I’ll hold ‘em.
And if they get rowdy
I promise I’ll scold ‘em.
Oh yeah, that reminds me-
Please tell me about
How babies are made
And how do they get out?
I’ll never be tired.
Are you and Dad wealthy?
What is a splinter?
Are sugar cubes healthy?
Did the first person ever
Just fall from the sky?
How do you make water?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Can we count to 100?
Now let’s do it backwards.
If I turn in circles
Which way is my back towards?
Why are we stopping?
Are we there already?
That took forever!
Wait! Wait! You forgot me!

Written by menachemkaiser

1 September at 11:15

Posted in rants

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