tropicana comes through

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Well, guess what I got in the mail: three shiny tickets to Tropicana produce. Or, as they’re more commonly called by less enthusiastic folk, ‘coupons.’ Margie has come through on her promise, after I bitched about the new snap-top design. But those orange-pounders are sneaky — they’ve given me three coupons, each shaving $6 off a Tropicana product. But what Tropicana product costs $6?! (Maybe, maybe the pomegranate juice, which for reasons resistant to my agro-economic acumen, costs at least as much as buying your own crop of pomegranates and professional juicer. And I’m referring not to a juice machine, but to a human whose primary skill/vocation is juicing. In other words, bloody expensive.) So whatever. I get three free juices. What did you get in the mail today?

Written by menachemkaiser

8 September at 21:57

Posted in rants

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  1. it’s like christmas!


    9 September at 00:26

    • in florida.


      9 September at 11:18

  2. Listen Menachem (is that even a real name), when computers came out people sent emails lamenting the replacement of the typewritter. When the printing press was born people sent emails dismissing the new technology as unreliable. Snap tops are gere to stay. Stop standing in the way of progress. Are you even Jewish?

    Hugh Poplar

    9 September at 14:04

    • rubbish. (and, am i getting a ‘progress’ shpiel from somebody whose family only recently upgraded from aol??) not every advance is progress; history is full of missteps.

      you’re just po’d that you can’t reach the fridge handle.


      9 September at 19:05

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