the best class title ever?

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I teach at the vaunted JTS Ivry Prozdor High School, and I’m currently designing this semester’s curriculum. (Last year’s included a course on Jewish sexuality, of which I am an expert nonpareil, having stayed at a safe and objective distance for the great bulk of my life.) There should be some award for one of this year’s class’s title: “Who Let the Dogma Out?” (If you want some sort of idea of what it’s actually about, imagine this book for smart teens.)

This might be my only opportunity to boast about yet another glorious title. I took a History of Sexuality class last year; the term paper was to be on ‘anything about sex/sexuality, and historical in nature.’ I wrote about the development/evolution of the prohibition of masturbation in Jewish law. Title: ‘Spanking the Circumcised Monkey.’

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10 September at 00:10

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  1. i much prefer the page in the sisterhood of the traveling pants that says “my karma ran over my dogma”


    10 September at 08:38

    • oooga booga?


      10 September at 23:54

  2. […] Spanking the Circumcised Monkey: History of Masturbation in Jewish […]

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