the tropicana plot thickens (congeals?)

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You might remember my experience with Tropicana: to wit, I complained about their snap-top design, received a very kind letter in response, and was mailed some shiny coupons. If you’ve been lacking better things to do and have been following this escapade, you may have noticed a certain comment from a Hugh Poplar:

Listen Menachem (is that even a real name), when computers came out people sent emails lamenting the replacement of the typewritter. When the printing press was born people sent emails dismissing the new technology as unreliable. Snap tops are gere to stay. Stop standing in the way of progress. Are you even Jewish?

And then, this diminutive wuss informs me that he, too, has received coupons from Tropicana, for the same complaint. This was, natch, immediately followed by what shall be known henceforth as The Coupon Challenge. Rules TK.

Written by menachemkaiser

13 September at 22:32

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