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You know the sat. night train, uptown-bound, that runs between midnight and, say, 2am? That’s the train of losers. I hate to be so melodramatic about it, but there ain’t no other way to slice it — the passengers have all, for various reasons, had a failed night. This their slow train of shame home.

Before I boarded that train last night, at about 12.40am, a man winked at me. I had just bought a bottle of seltzer, to assuage some severe annoyance (long story) when a man walked by and winked. And you know something, I think it was great. Now, it didn’t work on me, and I was momentarily fazed and maybe even weirded out. (I pretended I didn’t see it.) But he got his message across very quickly and cleanly, had correctly surmised that I wouldn’t violently respond, and presto — instant gay check. I see no reason why it can’t perform similarly for me. (Not a gay check, of course, but as a subtle indication of interest along with an opening to respond.)

Viva la wink!

Written by menachemkaiser

13 September at 22:22

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