how smooth am i

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After some mild flirts on the plane ride, we all stood, waiting for the door to open. I was standing in a forced crouch under the the plane-cupboard. [Plane-cupboard?! What’s that thing called, where you store your bags right above the seats?! I can’t remember anything.] I mentioned, very jokingly, that I’m developing scoliosis. Girl clearly not amused.

Me: Scoliosis. You know, because I’m crouching. Ha?

Girl: Yeah, I know what scoliosis is. I had scoliosis.

Me: Oh.

Girl: For five years. I had to wear a brace.

Me: I had it too. But the good kind. Didn’t have to do anything.

And I liked this girl.*

*Girl in Brief Anecdote, if you’re reading this, the italics of the word ‘liked’ are not meant to emphasize the past tense, but rather the insensitivity and callousness and glibness with which I converse with people I’m genuinely interested in getting to know better.

Written by menachemkaiser

22 September at 22:57

Posted in rants

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  1. overhead compartment


    23 September at 16:30

    • aaaahh.. is there no privacy on the internet?!


      23 September at 20:07

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