why twitter isn’t ghey

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Since most of my friends simply scoff, instead of, say, thinking about any development that’s not porn- or sports-related, it’s up to me to defend the newfangled. Like Twitter, for instance. The point is obscure at best, its utility totally opaque to most.

So the uninitiated claim. The term I’d use to sum up their criticism: ghey. But… meh. They’re not really getting it. While I’m not a massive twitterer, and I readily admit that the large chunk of users/tweets are insipid, inane, borderline cruel in its boringness, Twitter does have its charms and uses. I actually interviewed Tim O’Reilly over the summer (I’ll post some choice bits soon), and, though he’s kind of a nut, he did say some interesting things about the 140-character service. He likened it to an ambient cloud of information, of being tapped into the current cultural attitude without being overwhelmed. It’s an interesting concept, though it might be idealizing a bit too much.

But for the best witness as to what Twitter can do, I advise you to check out Slate’s feed. The editors zing emails back and forth on the alias, and some dude in Washington simply posts ’em as links. It’s like listening in on a bunch of really clever and fun whippersnappers’ discussions.

Written by menachemkaiser

22 September at 12:36

Posted in rants

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