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If you’re looking to define ‘self-entitlement,’ to really get to the kishkes of that slippery term, do I have the site for you: ShidduchDater. It’s a blog written by guys (or, more likely, guy) who constantly bitch and moan about how tough the shidduch world is on them, who can’t comprehend why they — good, hardworking, Torah-lovin’ young men — can’t just be handed hordes of girls who are beautiful but not vain, religious but not crazy, fun but not ditzy, smart but not feminist, fashionable but not high-maintenance, skinny but not anorexic, etc., etc.

There’s a section on the site called “I hate shidduch dating,” or ihsd for short, where people write in little anecdotes that cleanly illustrate why they do indeed hate shidduch dating. (Are they being forced to shidduch date?) Here’s a gem, written, as far as I can tell, sans irony:

I am dating 4 girls at once now. They are all completley [sic] different (different seminaries, majors, career aspirations, etc.) I confused everyone and called two of them by the wrong name! – IHSD

Yeah, each one ends their rant with the rallying cry IHSD. These guys all deserve a particularly vicious noogie.

UPDATE: I’ve been informed that the above IHSD post was written in jest. That said, I’d still maintain that it’s a faux-jest, kind of like the kid who, fearing negative reaction, quips in a silly voice. Sincerity is for losers. Cf. DFW, E Unibus Plurum, esp. discussion of the havoc irony is wreaking on present-day culture.

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24 September at 08:44

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  1. As the mother of a wonderful son (yes all mothers think their kid is great, but this one is a frum, handsome law student), I will never again get involved with shidduch dating. He never wanted to be “set up” but someone called and it sounded so promising that I foolishly agreed. My son took out this spoiled brat of a girl and spent almost $200 on dinner. They had a lovely time and agreed on the date to meet again. I just got a call from the shadchan (who I never want to speak to ever again) and she said that the girl’s mother said that my son was a wonderful catch, good looking, smart, ambitious, etc, but after one evening this girl had “a gut feeling” that it would not work out. Where was her gut before he dropped a bundle on dinner? He will never again allow me to set him up. Modern girls, he is the catch you’ve been looking for.
    What I learned from this: stay about from shadchans.


    1 January at 01:59

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