how to greet on YK

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Sabbath is an easy one: Gut Shabbes for the more traditional- or Yiddish-inclined; Shabbat Shalom for most; Sabbatical Salutations to You, for anyone who happens to be celebrating the holy day whilst living in a Jane Austen novel. Holidays, too, are simply Happy Holidays, or Gut Yontef or whatever.

But Yom Kippur is a stumper. Happy fasting! or even Have a meaningful fast! seem kinda shallow, and plus, presume the salutee is indeed fasting. And some people get awfully loquacious, e.g., Hope everything is meaningful and your year is blessed and great, and that your kids are successful, and everyone is healthy, and that the roast beef that your mom makes stays particularly delicious… This is annoying.

My proposal: Rock the Yom.

Written by menachemkaiser

27 September at 15:06

Posted in rants

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  1. “i hope your yuntif is hatzolah-free”?


    27 September at 15:57

    • catchy!


      27 September at 16:14

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