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Over at Slate — where, ahem, I just wrote this monster entry (w/o a byline, because that would be silly (and misleading)) — they have a very snazzy office atmosphere. The articles are so great because, at least in part, there is so much leeway: awfully creative people discuss whatever it is that catches their interest, and crank an article out. Editorial oversight, as far as I can tell, is encouraging, not choking or anal. They have this ongoing project where editors take a month off, and write whatever they want. It’s called your Fresca project (chief ed. David Plotz is apparently obsessed with the no-calorie soft drink). Dahlia Lithwick, who usually writes about the Supreme Court, is writing a chick-lit novel, at the rate of a chapter per day. (Read her introduction/justification/disclaimer/invitation here, and read the evolving story here.)

I’m inspired, personally, and am proud to introduce my blatant rip-off: I’ll be writing a fictional shidduch story, a bunch of (mini-)chapters a week. First one to come this weekend. I need a title — so please, suggest one. I’ll name a character after you, or, if you prefer, after somebody of your choice. (Which could be quite a shtuch, btw — not all the character will be all that admirable.)

This is the dawn of an entire new era in niche literature.

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1 October at 20:22

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