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The Times had a semi-interesting, yet kinda weird piece about the new, fresh place of Judaism/Jews in pop culture. (Mr. A.O. Scott, it turns, enjoys a Jewish mother.) And then, smack in the middle, he actually asks the question that real flesh-and-blood, foreskin-eschewing, matza ball-embracing Jews ask of any development, anywhere:

Was this good for the Jews?

(To put in context, he’s talking about Tarantino’s liberality with Holocaust history in his recent kosher-porn.) I actually choked on my Puffins cereal when I read that: I  say this all time, but in a very ironic sense, usually mocking my parent (or similar types) who insist on viewing the world through Jew-lenses. But now I’m convinced, and IMHO, the news should do this more often, with no subtlety. Like, the stock market dips — is it good for the Jews? Or, the Yankees lose — but is it good for the Jews? Here’s a brain-cooker: Is asking whether it’s good for the Jews good for the Jews?

Written by menachemkaiser

5 October at 09:51

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