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(Yes, I’ve been delinquent in the blogging. Hope I haven’t lost either one of you.)

So, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and, as a Canadian, I’m obliged to not care. (FYI: We can celebrate just fine, even in foreign, inhospitable places.) But ye Americans, lessen yer smugness: we too have a Thanksgiving, and it actually makes sense.

Yes, the Americans have a turkey celebration that’s celebrated near-universally, and that’s nice. But what the heck are they celebrating? I never fully understood, and no one’s ever been able to offer a satisfactory (or clearly non-apocryphal) explanation. Those ubiquitous pageants aren’t making anything less confusing, either.

Aside from the possibility of religious-ish origins which are now kinda opaque, maybe, just maybe, it’s about the bounty.  Ah, to bask in the glorious harvest! Which would make the appropriate time for such a celebration roughly around, oh, I don’t know, the 2nd Monday of October.

America might want to look to their Northern, lovable neighbor for tips on more than just health care.

Written by menachemkaiser

24 November at 16:48

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  1. The real origins of American Thanksgiving as we know it: during the Depression, FDR knew that people buy more stuff in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There was already a less-celebrated Thanksgiving started by Lincoln, but FDR put it toward the end of November to make people buy stuff.

    Creepering student

    25 November at 23:27

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