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This is the time of year when Jewish people everywhere enter a spiritual crisis — (C)Hanukkah is over, and Christmas is looming.  So we ask: Can we participate, or have we rolled our religious dice, ending our turn? And even so, what does participation entail? Songs? Gifts? Trees? It’s a question every Jew I know asks, at least on some level. (Even if the answer is an immediate and resounding no.) Plus, Christmas, despite it being everywhere, is still so Christian. Right? I’m tired and cranky, and don’t want to explore this further just now, but isn’t it possible that Christmas has passed a secular tipping point, and allows non-heretical, non-committal and -meaningful celebration, even by the chosen people? Here’s an interesting NYT article on just that. I’ll be back to discuss in a bit.

Written by menachemkaiser

22 December at 01:49

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  1. they gave us a photocopy of this article in 11th grade to scare us about the dangers of assimilation. “her kids don’t identify as jewish! how terrible!”

    i remember thinking that it just wasn’t the calamity they think it was…


    22 December at 19:28

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