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My college career has (finally) come to a close, meaning that I’m now — after playing some furious catch-up — only roughly 2.5 years behind everyone else. Whatevs. In any case, I’ve done some closure-type thinking on the work I’ve done here, and found it to be, on the whole, enlightening and engaging and good. But way, way less diverse than I would have expected. Indeed, from all the papers I’ve written (surely a much better gauge of my intellectual leanings than the classes I’ve chosen), two topics utterly dominate: sex and Judaism. I’m probably the only person that this is surprising to, but still.

I needed something more visceral, a cleaner, more immediate assessment of my college career. And so, I present to you a Venn diagram of my chosen paper topics. This is pretty exhaustive, actually; I’ve only discounted a few papers which the assigned topic was so narrow that there was no way sex/Judaism could have been squeezed in, e.g., Music/Art Humanities on specific pieces. (You try bringing in something rabbinic/kinky while discussing Matisse’s classical influences.) For what it’s worth, I was an Econ/Phil major, though my courses aren’t really indicative of this..

Legend after the jump.

1 E-grammar

2 A literary exploration of Cynthia Ozick’s Yiddish-themed short fiction (Comp. Lit)

3 Infidelity, Morality and Assertion in The Apartment and The Graduate (Film)

4 The politicizing of entertainment — and vice versa — in Nashville (Film)

5 Philosophy paper on negative/positive philosophy viz. Marx (Senior seminar in phil.)

6 Forgiving the Self — Yom Kippur and the self-technologies of forgiveness (Anthropology)

7 Poetry of Judah Halevi in Medieval Spain (Medieval History)

8 Premarital Sex in the UWS Jewish community (Sociology of Sexuality)

9 Biblical prophecy in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land (American Poetry)

10 Philosophical exploration of the (scientific) homosexual debate (Phil. of Science)

11 Spanking the Circumcised Monkey: History of Masturbation in Jewish Law

12 Vegetarianism in Jewish Law

13 Concept of refuge in Jerusalem

14 Personal essay all about my Jewish grandmother

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  1. i have known you for your entire college career and i was unaware that you were taking several of these classes… would have loved to discuss american poetry with you. i have written so many papers on the waste land.


    24 December at 20:04

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