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Okay, yes, I know, sorry, I’ve been lax. My offered, tepid excuse: Me been hunting some Jews. Sneaky, them are.

I’ve since moved to DC, writing this and that and this and that. Which has been mostly fun; DC has its charms, though they’re scattered and it’s a devil of a time getting anywhere after 8pm.

Since this space is ruled by yours truly (read: editors ain’t in my house), I wanna make a comment that was excised from my blog posting this morning.

It’s a reaction to this claim that fat people are a legitimate safety concern: This is, as they say in the shtetl, narishkeit. On a seaplane, maybe extra weight is dangerous; but on a commercial airliner? Many a fat man weighs less than a tall man — shall we ban them from flying? Or better: make them purchase the seat in front of them? And what about muscular folk?

Yargh. That’s my rant. I’ll be back to my regular programming from now on, promise.

Written by menachemkaiser

17 February at 12:15

Posted in rants

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