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It turns out that the most employable thing about me isn’t my dashing semitic looks or uncanny sense of balance: it’s my web-aggregating acumen. A good 30% of my job is finding fresh fodder for a certain well-read blog (most of which doesn’t make it through), which means I see a lot of web content. And no need to waste the efforts of my tired eyes and strained wrist! So here are some of the gems I’ve discovered, loosely linked by Jewish content.

  • A Hasidic boy’s first time. (Note: It’s a bit racy in spots, but, on the whole, it’s mostly innocent. I’m also a mite suspicious, but nevermind that. Also, contrary to what the author claims, Yiddish is mindblowingly hot.)
  • The latest attempt to fix the ‘shidduch crisis.’  You know I’ll be back to rant on this one. (via Tablet)
  • And yeesh, not a great day for Israeli rabbis. Just cruise on over to FailedMessiah for a roundup.

(Yo haters: This feature will be recurring, and probably less Jewish-themed as it progresses.)

Written by menachemkaiser

17 February at 15:57

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