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I didn’t even know that the Jewish Press even had a website on the assur-net.

But they do, and this article popped up this week. I’m going to write about this in length next week, maybe here maybe elsewhere, but for now, I’ll offer a spoiler. The authors claim that the focus on the homosexual debate is actually distracting the community from more distressing community trends, like adultery and (vaguely defined) promiscuity, and financial impropriety. The latter is well known — just read the Times on any given day. “Rampant heterosexual promiscuity” and “major problems of sexual ethics” are everywhere, apparently, especially in regards to adultery.

I’ve heard a bit of rumors, none of them ever substantiated. Is this true? Swingers? Really?

Written by menachemkaiser

19 March at 19:38

Posted in rants

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