vilnius faq

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Q Menachem, say again where you’re moving?

I’m moving to Vilnius.

Q Uh, why? Don’t you like N. America? Is this about impending healthcare?

I do like N. America, a lot. But the US gov’t sees it proper to subsidize my scholarly trip there. (For the record: I do not presently have health insurance.) Called a Fulbright.

Q Do you think you’ll be more alpha around Lithuanian women?

Doubtful. I think they’re pretty tall.

Q What do you plan to do there?

Well, I made a fairly detailed proposal for my academic year of study, something to do with the sociolinguistics of the Yiddish in the Baltics. I do not know how this will play out. I’d post it, but it’s pretty ridiculous, and kinda embarrassing. Email me if you want it.

Q Will Lithuania be damaging to your spiritual health?

Is this my mother?

Q How come Lithuania is not on the Risk board?

That’s a good question. But did you know it was once the biggest country in Europe during the 14th century?

Q What happened?

I do not know. But I plan on finding out.

Q Will you get a cool Russian hat?

Yes, most certainly.

Written by menachemkaiser

28 April at 22:22

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  1. q: when are you leaving and will you be in nyc before that date?


    28 April at 22:32

    • I will be NYC this weekend!


      28 April at 22:36

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