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Again, I reiterate: Uman is almost certainly the wildest ongoing Jewish event. While overall the event is remarkably smooth, efficient, and incident-free, with armed Ukrainian guards plus Hasidim + many drunk Sefardi dudes, stuff is going to happen. There was, apparently, a stabbing on Friday. A Ukrainian cop (according to other cops I struggled to talk to; the yidden were saying it was a doctor) said something or other re: noise, and a drunk hasid went at him. (Lots of the pilgrims carry knives around here; I can’t say it’s a bad idea, especially for those walking home at night. It is, however, nearly always a bad idea to stab unprovoked — or even verbally provoked — a cop/doctor.) The cops I spoke to expressed frustration that they have little jurisdiction; Israeli police (undercover) arrested him, and if rumors are to be believed, deported him last night.

Written by menachemkaiser

12 September at 09:37

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