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A thought about Uman locals.

The locals are not in love with Hasidim, and this not-love is mutual. Sitting around the holiday meals, shmoozing with the more experienced pilgrims, you hear rather unkind things about Ukrainians. Now, in Uman, it’s hard — and believe me, I tried my liberal darndest — not to buy into it. The local men give off a really scary vibe; walking home at night was rather terrifying.

But then I went to Kiev Sunday night. And though I only had a bit to walk around, the place is beautiful, historical, cultural, metropolitan. And that danger I felt in Uman wasn’t there. It struck me: this would be like forming an opinion about Americans after spending a weekend in a rough, rural, working class, slightly xenophobic small city. Only there, and the airport. And you speak a terrifically foreign language. And then you extend this view to the entire country.

You could see how it might get skewed.

Written by menachemkaiser

14 September at 16:57

Posted in rants

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