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Yes and no. Present in Uman is an outer fringe entirely dedicated to a good, rather un-spiritual-like time. This is to be expected, and lived with. All mass gatherings, whatever their nature, will have the party-seekers. Slide to the other extreme, and you have the real, hardcore Breslovers, and for them ‘good time’ is kind of moot; the concept doesn’t really fit into their life context. This is what they do — they daven, they celebrate, they dip — and that’s that.

For most of the others, this sort celebration is a good time.

Many, dare I say most, Hasidim drink during the festivities, and if we’re being charitable, let’s say it’ in order to sharpen the good times. The l’chaim is deeply embedded in the culture.

But there’s an intra-Breslov rift concerning alcohol consumption. Hardcores don’t, at all — R Nachi was against it, apparently. But many more-casual Breslovers aren’t nearly as strict. These photos were taken at a private party that took place on the street I was staying on, quite a bit away from the main action. I just walked in, snapped photos, almost got killed (accidentally — the guy was whipping a pineapple around), and left.

Written by menachemkaiser

14 September at 14:00

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