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Probably most fascinating in Uman is the cheder ochel. It’s way beyond a military operation — like i wrote, more than 20,000 people served per meal. Two meals a day. Plus kiddush, snacks, coffee, things like that. All free. From what I understand, it’s all sponsored by one extremely generous Brooklyn yid. And aside from financial support, he also organizes the thing. I couldn’t even get an estimate of the workers. There are at least a few dozen Ukrainian workers, plus security, plus servers, chefs, general organizers, machers. It’s a major, major operation. (I was lucky enough to get a glimpse past the curtain.) Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that this entirely temporary. They pitch these tents on some fields or lots, and the kitchen has to be assembled. Some behind the scenes photos:

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16 September at 10:03

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