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I went to Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) this past week for no good reason, or at least none that I could honestly pinpoint. I had to stretch my legs, I spose. The Baltics seemed ripe for exploring.

I assumed Riga would be a twin to Vilnius. Not so: Riga makes Vilnius look like a withering shtetl. Though Latvia is a good deal smaller than Lithuania, its capital city is much more concentrated – something like a 1/3 of the country lives in and around Riga.  And for reasons not totally clear, Riga’s also become a major European party center. That means loads of British stag parties and the like. (Though a dozen drunk, bad-teethed English fellas are a nuisance to everyone but the people they’re paying, there is something admittely adorable, or at least entertaining, about a group of juiced-up, machismo-oozing, matching-tshirted guys desperately trying to have them some Latvian lovin’. (Theory: After a certain critical number, the safety and courage a group affords and encourages turns a little more sinister, becomes foreboding, and thus counterproductive to the task at hand. I’d say this number in an all-male pack hovers around 6.))

In any case, Riga broke me. Maybe I’ll expand a bit later. Right now I’m stuck in Tallinn airport. I got myself into the business lounge (okay, I paid, but that doesn’t sound nearly as debonair) and am trying to tame this keyboard.

Written by menachemkaiser

4 November at 16:57

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