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Again, I’ve been Baltic-hopping the last week, so this site got a little stale. Sorry. Two new comments on bagelgate: Mitch commented on Lindsey’s response (I’m not posting this one just yet); and K.S. Keys, an American living in Vilnius for some time, wrote what’s below. Again, I stress that I do not endorse nor necessarily agree with any posted material not written by me.

Efraim, I’m sorry I missed the bagel party, and I believe you were reacting more to the article than the bagel gathering. Even then, your tone was snide and condescending, but “descending” from where — your slant on your mission, which survives on polarization and the industry of guilt more than reconciliation and justice. The genocide museum has an unfortuntate name and it should be changed — this was a reaction soon after independence. Devoid of reference to the Holocaust — ignorant, but it is really a KGB Museum. Though I haven’t recently visited the Holocaust Museum here in Vilnius (about a year ago and I was not taking notes on references), I doubt there is much if any reference to the genocide of the Lithuanians, their gulag. Yes, this quarrel goes both ways. And genocide is not owned by any one tribe, though Efraim you might propose an auction, and probably you would be the highest bidder, raising the most funds. Everyone likes to use the word “obfuscation” these days. I once edited and co-translated a tome of a book on Jews and the Lithuanians who helped save them, albeit a small minority of Lithuanians. Often, all sides were quite simple people but they did feel some pride in what they had done…..the book is full of commentary. And I have heard this book referred to as an obfuscation.I don’t think so, but given that logic, one could say that some of the Holocaust Industry is a convenient obfuscation of Israel’s policies in occupied Palestine, Gaza, Jerusalem, etc. It keeps the guilt active and thus mollifies the outrage at current policies.

The discussion could go on, but I believe you showed your true colors, Efraim, even more so in your second response to the bagel incident. Did you send spies to watch over Jake and Menachem? Come on, have a bagel with some Lithuanian cream cheese from the market. There is little room for humor in this engagement and discourse but you should brighten up and have a dozen whiskeys with Jake, Dovid Katz, and the rest of us. I was introduced to you once at a social gathering, and you glowed hatred. Your mission is honorable but you are going about it in the wrong way. Stupidly or stubbornly, I don’t know.

Written by menachemkaiser

5 November at 13:05

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  1. Just for the record and to indicate the high credibility level of K.S. Keys and his profound insights into my persona, I have never met said K.S. Keys and therefore I fail to understand how he knows that I “glow hatred,” although I have to admit that in my entire career I have never ever been accused of such an amazing feat.

    Dr. Efraim Zuroff

    9 November at 17:33

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